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현장 우수포스터상

KCS 2017 현장 우수포스터상 수상자 분들 모두 축하 드립니다!

2017년 2월 13일(월)부터 15일(수)까지 강원도 대명 비발디파크에서 개최된 제 24회 한국반도체학술대회(KCS 2017)에서
다음과 같이 '현장 우수포스터상' 수상자가 결정되었습니다. 각 수상자께는 개별 통보 및 상장이 우편으로 발송되었습니다.

*문의사항은 한국반도체학술대회 사무국(kcs@kisa.or.kr)으로 문의 주시기 바랍니다.

A. Interconnect & Package

김사라은경 (서울과학기술대학교)
[A_1012] Micro-Fabrication of Si Liquid Cooling Structure and its Thermal Characteristic Analysis

김혜수 (KAIST)
[A_1025] Modeling and Analysis of Silicone Rubber Socket for Package Test

이명진 (성균관대학교)
[B_1015] 전자 빔 조사를 통한 MoTe2의 전하 밀도와 극성 조절

B. Patterning

김정식 (한양대학교)
[B_1025] 이미징 퍼포먼스를 향상시키는 High NA 시스템용 EUV PSM 연구

최진영 (KAIST)
[B_1003] Block Copolymer Self-Assembly Using Laser Writing on Graphene

윤재성 (SK 하이닉스)
[B_1027] Photoresist Mask를 이용한 알루미늄 배선 패터닝 기술

C. Materials Growth & Characterization

김성호 (한국화학연구원)
[C_1016] Carbon Nanotube and MoS2 Hybrid Film for High Performance Flexible Gas Sensor

문성현 (아주대학교)
[C_1025] Optimization of Highly Efficient GaAs Thin-Film Solar Cell by a Back Reflector

곽태명 (한국산업기술대학교)
[C_1033] Correlation between Light-Extraction and Crystal Quality of InGaN-based LED grown on SiC Substrate with Different Transmittance

김상현 (한국과학기술연구원)
[C_1017] Fabrication of In-Rich(>0.53) InGaAs-OI on Si by Novel Epitaxial Lift-Off

D. Thin Film Process Technology

박용현 (아주대학교)
[D_1046] Atomic Layer Deposition of High-k Oxides on Graphene Surface

이우철 (서울대학교)
[D_1002] Attachable Aluminum Oxide Resistive Non-Volatile Memory Devices Fabricated on a Scotch Tape as a Substrate

최대건 (연세대학교)
[D_1007] Self-Limiting Synthesis of Two Dimensional Molybdenum Disulfide using MoF6 and H2S

정현재 (고려대학교)
[D_1041] The Influence of Defects on Charge Transport in Nanocrystalline InSnZnO Oxide-Semiconductor Thin Film Transistors

류재현 (인천대학교)
[D_1086] Channel Width Effects on Self-heating for Amorphous Silicon Thin Film Transistors on Glass Substrate

양지희 (경희대학교)
[D_1088] Flexible Ferroelectric P(VDF-TrFE) Memory Thin-Film Transistors Fabricated on Plastic PEN Substrates

문정민 (KAIST)
[D_1069] Work Function Tuning of Titanium Nitride Gate Electrode Employing Atomic Layer Deposition for PMOS Devices

박반석 (광운대학교)
[D_1012] Patch-Type Nitric Oxygen Gas Sensor based on Functionalized Single-Wall Carbon Nanotube Thin Films

E. Compound Semiconductors

곽준섭 (순천대학교)
[E_1017] Sputtered-SiO2 박막이 적용된 AlGaN/GaN MOSHFET 소자 특성연구

한상우 (홍익대학교)
[E_1029] Recessed Gate AlGaN/GaN MOS-HFET on Si(110) Substrate grown by NH3 MBE

심재필 (한국과학기술연구원)
[E_1035] Thin Body P-GaAs Junctionless FET on Si via Wafer Bonding and Epitaxial Lift-off Technology

이현수 (ETRI)
[E_1005] LPCVD Si3N4 Gate Dielectric를 적용한 대면적 GaN Cascode MISFET

F. Silicon and Group-IV Devices and Integration Technology

조일환 (명지대학교)
[F_1034] Recess Gate Structure Tunneling Field Effect Transistor for High on-Current Drivability

우성윤 (서울대학교)
[F_1015] Homeostatic Neuron Circuit Using Double-Gate Device for Spiking Neural Network

신창환 (서울시립대학교)
[F_1008] Experimental Demonstration of Capacitance Matching Process in Negative Capacitance Field Effect Transistor

G. Device & Process Modeling, Simulation and Reliability

서명수 (KAIST)
[G_1025] Separate Extraction of Source and Drain Resistances in Vertically Integrated Junctionless Nanowire Field Effect Transistors

강기재 (서울대학교)
[G_1045] Ab-initio calculation on trap states in amorphous Si3N4-x

김재영 (국민대학교)
[G_1063] Influence of the Oxygen Flow Rate during Sputter Deposition on the Current Stress Instability in Bottom-Gate Amorphous InGaZnO Thin-Film Transistors

고결 (서울대학교)
[G_1007] Work Function Variation 에 따른 적층형 나노와이어 펫의 6T SRAM 특성 분석

위대훈 (부산대학교)
[G_1030] U-shaped Reconfigurable Field-Effect Transistor

H. Display and Imaging Technologies

정신영 (한국과학기술연구원)
[H_1014] Transfer-Independent, Micro-Scale Quantum Dot Patterning Method

신정웅 (고려대학교)
[H_1005] New Emerging Optoelectronic Si Nano-Membrane Light Emitting Device

I. MEMS & Sensor Systems

정동근 (경북대학교)
[I_1025] Lab-on-a-chip Device for Total-Phosphorus Analysis Using a Photocatalytic Reaction

하준근 (서울대학교)
[I_1013] Fabrication of Multi-height Silicon Microtip Array Using Photoresist Grid Mask

J. Nano-Science & Technology

김장환 (KAIST)
[J_1008] Transformation of 2D Block-Copolymer Pattern to Multiple 3D Morphology by Chemically Modified Graphene Modulation

장연식 (서울대학교)
[J_1020] Electrical Characteristics of Benzenedithiolate Molecular Devices with Multilayer Graphene Electrodes on Rigid/Flexible Substrates

송영걸 (서울대학교)
[J_1037] Analysis on the Electronic Noise Characteristics in Organic Nanocomposite Resistive Memory Devices

김채은 (한국해양대학교)
[J_1014] Gradated Synthetic Characteristics of 2D SnS-SnS2 by Chemical Vapor Transport Using SnS Precursor

김소영 (광주과학기술원)
[J_1036] 화학적 도핑을 이용한 그래핀 ? ZnO:N 배리스터의 문턱전압 조절

허선우 (광주과학기술원)
[J_1031] 그래핀 고정저항에 의한 그래핀/ZnO:N 배리스터의 동작특성 열화연구

K. Memory (Design & Process Technology)

박현우 (서울대학교)
[K_1030] Non-hysteretic Negative Capacitance in Al2O3/BaTiO3 Bilayers

유대경 (서울대학교)
[K_1004] Electrical Property of Vertically Stacked Microscale Organic Resistive Memory

김유민 (서울대학교)
[K_1005] Vertical Structure Memory Device for High Density 3D ReRAM

박주헌 (고려대학교)
[K_1046] Self-Rectifying Resistive Memory with Electroforming-Free Characteristics in the Ti/SiNx/NbOx/Pt Structure

L. Analog Design

김종선 (홍익대학교)
[L_1030] A 10 Gbps CDR for Wireless Chip-to-Chip Communication

박정표 (한양대학교)
[L_1010] Fast Transient Single-Inductor Multiple-Output (SIMO) DC-DC Converter with Accurate Excessive Charge Rejection Scheme

Ying He (이화여자대학교)
[L_1019] A Portable Fluorescence Detection Receiver Array in 0.11-μm CMOS

김용조 (KAIST)
[L_1027] 모바일 DRAM 인터페이스를 위한 쿼드러처 신호 교정기

M. RF and Wireless Design

배성현 (광주과학기술원)
[M_1009] A Fractional-N DPLL with Bidirectional PI Phase Rotation

권노용 (숭실대학교)
[M_1018] K-Band 레이더용 시스템을 위한 META-VCO의 설계


임민영 (연세대학교)
[N_1011] A Technology Mapping Algorithm for MTJ-based LUT

O. System LSI Design

안중근 (광운대학교)
[O_1014] 실시간 차선 검출을 위한 카메라 왜곡 보정의 최적화

이한호 (인하대학교)
[O_1013] Test Syndrome 기반 저면적 연판정 BCH 복호기

P. Device for Energy (Solar Cell, Power Device, Battery, etc.)

오진우 (한국과학기술연구원)
[P_1020] Enhanced Thermoelectric Properties of Single- and Bi- Graphene Nanomeshes from Block Copolymer Self-Assembly

장경훈 (광주과학기술원)
[P_1001] Co3O4/graphene Nanocomposite Anodes for High-Performance Lithium-Ion Batteries

이미경 (서울대학교)
[P_1021] Conformally Coated BiVO4 Nanodots on Porosity-Controlled WO3 Nanorods as Highly Efficient Type II Heterojunction Photoanodes for Water Oxidation

Q. Metrology, Inspection, and Yield Enhancement

우동곤 (한양대학교)
[Q_1015] EUV 마스크 검사를 위한 EUV Scanning Lensless Imaging 기술 개발

송제범 (한국표준과학연구원)
[Q_1022] Metrology of Protective Yttrium Oxide Film for Contamination Free Manufacturing under Plasma Etching

유상원 (서울대학교)
[Q_1007] Physical Analysis on Gain and Time Response of Single-Input Single-Output Electron Density, Temperature Controllers for SF6/Ar Plasma

S. Chip Design Contest

김현준 (KAIST)
[201601031] A High-speed Low-power CMOS Image Sensor with DI-readout Scheme

Amad Ud Din (경희대학교)
[201601078] A Symmetric Bias-Flip Rectifier for Piezoelectric Energy Scavenging Applications

유낙원 (서울대학교)
[201601063] Detection of Phonon by the BTBT(Band-to-band Tunneling) Current in MOSFET

유낙원 (서울대학교)
[201601061] A 10bit SAR ADC with a Self-Calibrated Current Amplifier for Wide Dynamic-Range Sensor Systems

김성미 (충북대학교)
[201601049] Voltage-Mode Buck Converter Using Compensated Error Amplifier

김영선 (KAIST)
[201601002] Design of a Single-Slope ADC for on-Chip Infrared Sensor ROIC

정현민 (경북대학교)
[201601058] Taste Sensor based on Cascoded Compatible Lateral Bipolar Transistor (C-CLBT) with Lipid/Polymer Membrane

장대광 (서울대학교)
[201601033] Design of Grounded Co-planar Waveguide and Power Amplifier for High Frequency Application

성재현 (인하대학교)
[201601010] 4th Order ΣΔ Modulator Using Subthreshold OP-Amp

성바로샘 (KAIST)
[201601007] A 10-bit 1.6GS/s Flash-Assisted Time-Interleaved (FATI) SAR ADC

김민서 (KAIST)
[201601001] A 24-mW 28-Gb/s Wireline Equalizer

이명학 (충북대학교)
[201601072] Design of Low Voltage PWM/SFM Dual Mode DC-DC Converter with Variable Output Voltage

유정환 (고려대학교)
[201601090] A 282/94 GHz Dual-mode Voltage Controlled Oscillator in 65-nm CMOS Technology

Ahmed Ragheb (충북대학교)
[201601082] Large Touch Screen Sensing Circuit with 21-dB SNR Enhancement Using an Instrumentation Amplifier Architecture