KCS 논문상

분과 우수논문상

KCS 2017 분과 우수논문상 수상자 분들 모두 축하 드립니다!

2017년 2월 13일(월)부터 15일(수)까지 강원도 대명 비발디파크에서 개최된 제 24회 한국반도체학술대회(KCS 2017)에서
다음과 같이 '분과 우수논문상' 수상자가 결정되었습니다. 각 수상자께는 개별 통보 및 상장이 우편으로 발송되었습니다.

*문의사항은 한국반도체학술대회 사무국(kcs@kisa.or.kr)로 문의 주시기 바랍니다.

A. Interconnect & Package

최두호 (동의대학교)
[A_1002] Potential of Tungsten as Next-Generation Semiconductor Interconnects

B. Patterning

김효준 (한양대학교)
[B_1037] Y2O3:Eu3+ 박막형광체 발광 효율을 향상시키는 유·무기 하이브리드 나노재료를 포함하는 2차원 나노구조체 연구

C. Materials Growth & Characterization

양민호 (Korean Basic Science Institute)
[C_1023] Dislocation Deformation under High Compressive Growth Stress in GaN

D. Thin Film Process Technology

백인환 (KIST)
[D_1031] High Performance p-type Thin Film Transistors with Atomic Layer Deposited SnO Films

박정학 (고려대학교)
[D_1095] Enhanced High Photoconductivity Gain MoS2 Hetero Junction Photo Sensor TFT with Transparent Electrodes

E. Compound Semiconductors

김성광 (KIST)
[E_1037] High-Performance In0.53Ga0.47As-OI MOSFET on Si Substrates

기라성 (서울대학교)
[E_1022] Leakage Current Reduction of Gated Ohmic Anode AlGaN/GaN Schottky Barrier Diode by Applying Anode Edge Termination

F. Silicon and Group-IV Devices and Integration Technology

이정준 (서울대학교)
[F_1041] Learning with Neuron-Synapse Connection in Neuromorphic System

류승욱 (SK 하이닉스)
[F_1029] Improvement of TDDB in 28nm Logic NFET Transistor by the Surface Oxidation of eWF Metal

G. Device & Process Modeling, Simulation and Reliability

Kai Liu (서울대학교)
[G_1021] Interfacial Properties of Ge (111)/ La2O3 by Density Functional Calculations

정성우 (KAIST)
[G_1023] Performance of Black Phosphorous tunnel FETs under Uniaxial Strain: First-Principles Study

H. Display and Imaging Technologies

박준서 (KIST)
[H_1011] Direct Patterning of Quantum Dots for Quantum Dot Emissive Display

I. MEMS & Sensor Systems

이중훈 (고려대학교)
[I_1011] A Highly Sensitive AgNW/CNT/PDMS-based Wearable In-ear EEG Sensor for Smart EEG Recording

J. Nano-Science & Technology

김세양 (UNIST)
[J_1005] Improved Air-Stability of Encapsulation-Free, Monolayer WS2 Using Graphene Substrate

구성환 (KAIST)
[J_1029] Cobalt based Active Materials Decorated on Reduced Graphene Oxide Aerogel for Hydrogen Evolution Reaction

K. Memory (Design & Process Technology)

박용택 (SK 하이닉스)
[K_1031] Understanding of Relaxation Characteristic in Filament-type ReRAM

L. Analog Design

박승현 (KAIST)
[L_1006] A 15mV/℃ High Sensitivity Temperature Sensor with -40dB Noise Rejection

M. RF and Wireless Design

이종욱 (경희대학교)
[M_100]2 A 10-Bit Low-Power SAR ADC with Self-Calibration for Class-1 Generation-2 UHF-Band RFID Tag IC


오상윤 (UNIST)
[N_1006] Efficient Execution of Streaming Application by the Approach of Packet Structure based on Coarse-Grained Reconfigurable Architecture

O. System LSI Design

황석하 (광운대학교)
[O_1007] Area-Efficient SC FFT with CORDIC-based Approximations

P. Device for Energy (Solar Cell, Power Device, Battery, etc.)

Quyet Van Le (중앙대학교)
[P_1018] The Hole Transport Layers of Organic Photovoltaic Cells Derived from (NH4)2MeS4

Q. Metrology, Inspection, and Yield Enhancement

조중휘 (인천대학교)
[Q_1021] Experimental TSOM Image based DB Construction and Measurement

R. Semiconductor Software

최용재 (단국대학교)
[R_1008] NVMe 인터페이스를 고려한 신뢰성과 기능 검증 프레임워크